Sunday, 19 December 2010

Germany, Day 2

Weight: 69,6 kgs

It's snowing soo much! I love it.

I woke up feeling okay. I did end up having dinner last night and mum and I also had some Christmas almonds (coated in this amazing nougat-spice-chocolate. yumm.) So I actually expected my weight this morning to be a rather unpleasant surprise. But it wasn't! Yay! 69,6 is about what I weighed a week ago, before a couple of binges snuck in, and it's actually less than when I left Australia.

Now while that's good, after my shower I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. All my winter clothes suck. That could be because I a) don't really need winter clothes in Australia and therefore have none / only old ones that are getting a bit small and b) because I have almost forgotten what one 'needs' in freezing winter, because when I am in Australia all I ever wear is gym clothes anyway (so half my suitcase was filled with gym stuff, silly me). Verdict: I need to go shopping. Luckily mum agrees.

We were going to go to Body Balance this morning, but when I woke up and realised my mum was still in bed, I knew that wasn't going to happen (because she takes forever to get ready). I went downstairs to have that thought validated. Oh well. That's when I was happy that I am instructor, because while she started getting ready, I got out my beloved BB music and did about 35 minutes worth of stuff, and also about 10 minutes of free weights (sounds like nothing, I know). At least that's some exercise. Made me feel better :)

It's still only 10.30 am. When mum is ready, we're going out for breaky and then into town (Shops don't open on Sundays in Germany, but because it's the last Sunday before Christmas, they are making an exception). Then we are visitng my dad in hospital. And that's the plan for the day...
I will be back later to check in.


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