Monday, 20 December 2010

Germany, Day 3

Weight: 69,6 kgs

Soo, I didn't check in again last night (obviously).

Anyway, I ate a bit too much junk yesterday. It actually got me thinking how I ever maintatined my weight when I was still living here. It just seems like there is food on offer everywhere. Especially at my grandparent's, where we go every night to catch up for a few minutes (they live in the same house, so it's kinda the natural thing to do)... On their living room table, I kid you not, there is a selection of sweets bigger than what I have ever had in my pantry in Australia. There is just everything. And considering my willpower is about as good as that of a 2-year-old, I always seem to be eating when I am there. And we all know it's those little bits and pieces that really add up.

To my suprise this morning, then, my weight was exactly the same as yesterday. Wohoo!
I guess my estimations of how much I am eating could be wrong, seeing as I am neither really counting nor writing down anything, but to be fair my mental calorie tracker is usually pretty spot on, and it's been showing me an orange/red light for the past few days. But hey, I won't complain if the scales don't show the same.

I did finally make it to the gym this morning (what with not being able to drive and limited classes on offer, I was pleased). All I can say is it felt so good. I really really really miss the gym., and teaching in general. God. So I did a Step and Pump double this morning which made me feel a lot better. Ideally I will eat a bit less processed crap today, too ;)

Sadly, classes in Germany (or at my gym) are very different. Okay, cut the crap, they are shit. Haha. I mean, technically it's all the same as in Australia, because we have the same music after all, but because the poor instructors have to teach in German, their cues become intensely limited. No hooking into lyrics, and even the names of most tempos and poses sound funny. It's not like most of the participants listen to or understand the lyrics anyway. But ingeneral, I just felt like I a) motivate so much more, talk more loudly and am more enthusiastic in general, and b) talk so much more. It makes sense... When you cut all the fun stuff, leave out the motivaitonal cues (mostly, anyway) you are left with... well... not very much. Having said that, though, average classes are better than none at all, so you will not hear me complain again.

I better be off now, with the goal to not overeat today. Will let you know how that all goes. Sorry for bosing you guys (is anyone even reading?) I'm surre I will soon have some more exciting stuff to talk about. But until then...

Love, M.

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