Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hey, I have goals!

I do.
Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, but I was out all day and basically just collapsed into bed when I got home. I went to Melbourne with my friend for the Dexa Scan, and am glad to report that I stuck to my calories for the day! How good is that. Usually holiday mode would kick in and I'd go off the rails, but I didn't. That means that if today goes to plan, I have six binge free days under my belt. That's almost a week. Doesn't it take 21 days to break a habit? So maybe my goal for now will be to make it to 21 (and I am a third of the way there!)

As for the Body fat scan. I got a 'good' result. I guess. Of course I'm not happy, because I am me, and I have huuuge expectations. But anyway, it turns out that my FMI (fat mass index) is 7.46. The 'acceptable' category ranges from 7-9, while ideal is 5-7, and under 5 is athlete. That means I am soooo close to ideal.
I would love to eventually get under 6... My overall body fat is something like 30%, but according to the guy who did the scan that number is virtually irrelevant. They give you like a thermal image from the scan which reveals which regions of your body are bone, fat and muscle. Fat is yellow (eww). Basically, there is a yellow outer layer starting from my hips all the way down to my knees, and a little around my calves (eww, I know, apologies) - which means that's where I carry the fat.
It was a bit frustrating to see, because I know that those are exactly the regions in which I gained most of my weight (my pants told me!) I do wonder, though, how much fat I could lose from there, just because 'stocky' legs (or a tendency towards those) are something I most definitely inherited from my mum!

Anyhoo, here goes my plan. I always say that 'if you're unhappy, you gotta change it'. So it's time to practice what I preach. My friend and I have booked our next scan for in about 8 weeks' time. We have made a bet that we will both get to a certain goal by then, or else the loser has to spend a 100$ on the winner (shopping in Melbourne!) So if we both don't make it we both lose 100$, but if only one of us makes it the loser has to spend 200$. That's a fair bit. So that's good.
So my goal is to get to about 64kgs in the next 8 weeks. I would aim for 63, but 64 is more realistic, I think I can get there (I KNOW).If I'm lucky, that will put me in the 'ideal' range for FMI. Basically my plan of action is to get serious about my calorie intake now. I know that that is what's been my problem all along, but for god's sake, I gotta go through with it at some point! And to be honest I do not want to see my money wasted on a second scan if I can't see a change til then!
So I'll be eating 1400-1700 6 days a week, and then on day 7, if I have stuck to these cals, I will allow myself more, but I will make sure I record so I know the damage. With that come my usual 7-12 hours of weekly exercise.
Good luck to myself!
I will keep you guys updated. It's important that I don't stop this blog as I am starting to feel 'safer' about binging.

Love, M.

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  1. Yay you are doing so well!!!!
    1400-1700 cals a week sounds achievable and allows you a little extra room for a treat or so to fit in if you want it :-)