Saturday, 3 July 2010


So, firstly I'm gonna do a bit of a check in. Today the scales greeted me with 67.7kgs... While that still makes me want to bang my head against the nearest wall, at least it means that being over 68 yesterday was a result of fluid...
Did ok foodwise yesterday, not weight loss cals, but I figured I'd rather eat maintenance than try to save lots of calories, which usually results in me then going out and buying stacks of food to binge on later at night. So I'm gonna give myself some credit for that.
Shockingly, though, wiht the weight I had this morning, my BMI is now exactly 24 :(( that's pretty horrible. That is scraping the 'overweight' category. I'm having my body fat professionally measured on wednesday, so at least that will show me to what extent my BMI is an ACCURATE representation of my weight....

Anyway, how am I feeling today?
Well. It's a bit of a non-event really. There's lots of stuff I should be doing - cleaning, grocery shopping, washing, exercise - but nothing appeals so I'm just being incredibly lazy. That's dangerous. Usually days like today end in a binge, especially considering that I am going to my Aussie sisters' for tea tonight (like I said yesterday). But I'm gonna make a conscious decision NOT to binge OR go over my calories today. I won't.
What I need to make myself understand is that my weight is a more or less direct consequence of my food intake, so I need to change my food intake in order to change my weight. Eating more won't change anything. There, I said it. You get that, brain?

Don't really have much else to say. I'm gonna do some sort of low key exercise later (yes, yes I will, but to be fair I've done so much this week, it's okay for today to be my day off). Will come back later today or tomorrow to tell you how I go. Uh, and I haven't forgotten that I said yesterday that I'd leave my debit card at home tonight, so that I can't by any binge foods!
C'mon. I can do it. Feeling determined!

Love, M.

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  1. i had this 24 BMI aswell, right now It shouldnt be that high.. but I can remeber I was so shocked and embaressed as I found out.. :(