Wednesday, 14 July 2010

just rambling ;)

Yep, I feel better.
I didn't binge today. Ate about 2000 calories but that's absolutely fine, because check out the exercise I did: 15 min walk on the treadmill, a Body Combat Class, a Yoga Class and Pump! Yeah I was bored.
Took my car for a service, and they drop you off at a shopping centre and pick you up from there. The shopping centre happens to be a 10 min walk from my gym, and a 15 min walk from my place, so to kill time I went to the gym, then home to shower, back to the centre, and voilá, I had killed 4 hours and my car was ready again! Yay. And then tonight I was teaching as usual, so the exercise just kinda added up.
But I loved it and am not feeling too sore, and I made sure I got over 100g of protein today. So I feel good.

Actually, I felt REALLY happy today. I guess I kinda once again realised that weight isn't everything, and when I was looking at my reflection in the gym mirrors I didn't look too bad. Still, I gotta stay focused on my goals. I know one of the reasons I feel happier this week is that I am a lot busier than last week. Lots of catching up with friends etc. Remeber that links back to what I said about feeling lonely and like I have no friends. CLEARLY, I do :) So I feel good. But at the same time I think feeling social is also my reason for overeating. Funny isn't it? But they do say emotional eaters will eat in response to ANY emotion, so I suppose it makes sense. Doesn't mean it's ok though. I have 13 days to beat now!

I wonder how I will go this weekend, because I am going to a bra party at my Aussie mums house, and she is making loads of food, as am I, and my Aussie sis... So there will be stacks of beautiful, naughty, home made goodies. Hmmm. Luckily Saturday is my big workout day (althought that seems to apply to every day this week) So my plan is too keep the cals down in the morning, and maybe skip dinner, as the party is in the arvo. But overall, I'm going to put the focus on not binging as opposed to not going over calories. So hopefully it will be fine!

I haven't rung the doctors yet by the way. I kinda want to, but at the same time I'm back to thinking 'it's not a priority in my life right now' (whether I can have children or not). I hope that doesn't come across as careless. A lot of my older friends keep saying "You'll want kids once you are married". But kids just don't exist in the image I have of my future life... Although I do realise that it might change as I get older. But anyway, for now, I'm not getting it checked. I will just bring it up next time I go to the doctors for something else I think.

Ok, I best be off to bed now. 6am class tomorrow which means a 4.45am start! EEK! But at least the Thursday morning ladies are super nice :)

Binge free count: 1

Good night!!

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  1. Ah ha! Found you too!!

    I am like that with thinking I am lonely and stuff too. I mean, I live with Superman and I feel like I am utterly alone sometimes... I know I don't have a lot of close friends, but I have those few that would do anything when I need them you know? And I've realised that's enough.

    Well, that and my complete lack of free time now that uni is back :P