Thursday, 22 July 2010


Okay, here it goes. If I think about not only my eating but also my binging behaviour, I am almost 120% sure that I am addicted to sugar.
Don't know if any of you are familiar with Sweet Poison by David Gillespie? He believes that sugar is in fact a drug that can cause a physical addiction. And I think he is right. I read his book ages ago and made a half hearted attempt to wean myself off sugar, obviously to no success. Anyway, there now is a Sweet Poison Quit Plan, which I bought a few days ago. In there he describes his journey to becoming virtually sugar free, and outlines steps for anyone to follow.
Now I am not saying I want to become sugar free because it doesn't seem realistic for me. But I think his approach might help me to change my habits. Why do I think I am addicted to sugar? Well. For example: I would pick sweet over savoury any time, literally. I can't remember the last time I genuinely craved a savoury food (except for vegies after a binge). When I binge, it's safe to say that 99.9% of the items consumed are full of sugar, and if they are not, I will do whatever it takes to add sweetness to them (don't ask). Not only that, but I feel like I often binge for flavour. Like last night. It's hard to explain, but all I wanted was sweet (usually cookies), and as much as possible. My biggest fear about giving up binging is giving up sweet things. When I binge and run out of sweet things or things I can make sweet, the binge is usually over. Sound like a sugar addiciton???? It does to me!!!
So if that is true, reducing overall sugar intake could help me want it less, which could help me reduce binges, yeah? I really don't want to be a Type 2 diabetic by the time I am 25.

What I thought I could do is what David suggests in step 2 of his plan: Recognise and list my sugar habits, and then come up with avoidance strategies for each. So here goes:
(I also consume ridiculous amounts of sweetener btw, I won't try to cut it out, but at least to reduce it)

  1. I love sweet breakfasts at home. Toast with Jam, Golden Syrup or Honey. I also love oats, with ridiculous amounts of sweetener. Have only vegemite, avocado, butter or cream cheese / cheeese on toas. Cut out sweetener in porridge. Opt for weetbix with fruit?
  2. Eating breakfast out, I usually go for the sweetest option on the menu. Bircer Muesli, Muffins, French Toast (oh dear) and Fruit Salad. Have a fried brekky! Add a serve of mushrooms instad of fruit salad.
  3. When I go out for coffee with a friend, I usually get banana bread or something that resembles a cake or cookie. Buy something savoury. If nothing appeals, I am clearly not hungry. (I was thinking about that before, and it is so true. I'm usually not hungry but need my sugar fix anyway)
  4. I like to have cake or something similar as a saturday treat. Have a foccacia, sushi, nuts, German bread from a good bakery instead.
  5. I like protein shakes. Replace with things like boiled eggs, chicken, tuna (which I love)
  6. Dessert at Aussie Mum's or Sister's house. Not sure if I can avoid it, but my options are to say no or to just have one serve.
  7. Hot chocolate after dinner. Have a cuppa! I love tea.
  8. Now the Biggie: Bingeing on sweet foods. I'm gonna try this next time I want to binge: Binge on savoury food instead (I am allowing myself this as a test) That means chips, crackrs, anything like that. I doubt that it would have the same appeal. I never feel an urge to go and buy something savoury
  9. I like sweet snacks. Buy savoury snacks instead!!!
  10. At fast food outlets, I usually go for the most sugary items on the menu. Just get a bloody burger instead. If it doesn't appeal, you don't *need* to be eating.
  11. Alcohol and the accompanying beverages. I am leaving this one to last. ;)
So here are my habits and how I can avoid them... Not sure if I will use this list, but at least it is there!

I'm off to get things done now.



  1. Good luck :) My mum binges on savoury, salty snacks like chips and whatnot... me, it's peanut butter, hamburgers, anything fatty. Chips are a real problem for me.

    I learned (after 2 years :( ) to listen to what my body wanted... these days, if I want a burger I'll have some red meat, because that's what my body associates with the craving... or if I want a lolly, I have a lolly...
    It'll take time, but I think some of the joy you get out of the binge is the sugar high that comes with it...

    I get headaches from too many lollies now... like a mini sugar hangover. And I hate hangovers!

  2. I'm interested to see how you go with this Maurine.
    How about cutting up a heap of veggies (carrot sticks, celery, capsicum) and then binging on that?